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NEW! AND AT LONG LAST! My genealogical document “Mecklems of the World” is now available as a free pdf (all 390 pages of it, with many photos!)…you can find it at If you have any trouble downloading it, email me and I’ll email you back a copy of the pdf.

Even non-Mecklems will enjoy reading “The Autobiography of L. G. Mecklem” (which also makes up the last 58 pages of the “Mecklems of the World” document linked above)…you can access a free pdf of the memoir of Llewellyn Guy Mecklem, the young daredevil who was the first person to fly an airship above Seattle in 1908, at L. G. also parachuted from balloons, raced cars, and flew airplanes. The memoir is a fascinating read.

I'm putting my photos online, little by little, at

Sue at a drinking fountain in Rome
Sue & Todd in Europe, April 2007: A Trip Journal

My (now-defunct) Livejournal blog is at

FATE Magazine published my article on the Mummy Museum of Guanajuato in the Feb. 2004 issue, and they used one of my photos on the cover. My article on Mexico's "Santa Muerte" (and another cover photo) appeared in the Nov. 2003 issue, and my "Mysterious Havana" article in Aug. 2003. For more details (and to see the covers) see the FATE website at:

See my Internet Movie Database page for my very small body of acting work (one gig as an extra).

My listing in the Locus Index to Science Fiction.

My friend Kaelin Bowers died in Portland in late September 2004. Here is my memorial page for Kaelin.

I can always be reached at: